Delirium By Lauren Oliver

Imagine living in a world where love is perceived as a disease? A society where love is perceived as a disease where people get ‘cured’ on their 18th birthday, to rid the person of the symptoms and pain of the disease of Amorosa Deliria (the term used for love). The story is set in Portland in America where the area is closed off from the rest of the world or what’s called ‘the wilds’ in the book. The story focuses on the character known as Lena whose mother died when they were a child but has been brought up by her Aunty and Uncle. With the date of her operation to be cured approaching Lena seems to be enthusiastic about the possibility of the cure. However, after meeting Alex, a boy originally from the wilds who is living a secret life from governments mass surveillance programme on all its citizens her life, morals and values all start to question the society she has been brought up in.

Initially I was unsure on how this book would be and whether I would enjoy this. However, I really enjoyed this book where I found there are heavy influences from 1984 by George Orwell and after recently watching the series of Brave New World it seems the book would has got heavy influences from this too. Despite this being seen as a Young Adult read I found that this is definitely suitable for people of all ages with very much a similar appeal to that of The Hunger Games.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who lives the dystopian genre.

I am unsure in my next read for now but hopefully will update you soon.

Blog written by Conor Mitchell

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